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Fact is, Hazel’s scored a ton of loot from her BF, and she reveals the biggest item in this clip. Katt’s gonna love Hazel-E’s shout out to the photog who’s suing him for robbery. Nothing is ever promised when it comes to these celebrity hookups but she appears rather content with the way things are going down. Single Parent Household versus Two Parent Household? The Columbus, Ohio native doubled down on the beef with an early morning social media romp directed at Berg. “I done shot videos at George’s Music Store in the hood. The beef between the two started almost 10 years ago after Berg felt slighted for not getting a return feature request from Bow Wow, born Shad Moss. The former star acknowledges that the issues with Bow Wow stem from the opposite sex. You been softer than mdeicated cotton from jump TURD (this too easy ima chill yall i promise ) getting ran off the block.

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He tells her he is still going to mess with other women, she won’t accept it and continues to get her feelings hurt when he does.

Hazel didn’t deny it, explaining that happened back when she was in college and Teairra Mari knew about it.

So, that’s not a violation of girl code really, Berg, but it is further confirmation that you’re an asshole who takes too much joy in humiliating women—especially women named Hazel E.

After that exchange came the segment about Ray J and Teairra’s relationship where Ray J admitted that Teairra was not in fact “delusional” about their “off and on relationship” of eight years.

For a few minutes there, Ray J sounded as if he had matured from the juvenile antics he displayed throughout this show’s inaugural season. Once Ray J’s girlfriend, Princess, hit the stage, it was pretty clear that Ray is very much the villain he portrayed for months on TV.


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