Tori kelly and ryan bandong dating

Following this morning’s announcement that Ryan Seacrest will be joining Kelly Ripa as her morning show co-host, people seem to have a vested interested in Ryan and all things about the 42-year-old!

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It was definitely a unique night with live performances and candid jam sessions by fan favorites like Jeremy Passion (who even performed his classic "Lemonade" track), Tori Kelly (who continued to 'wow' everyone with her impeccably raw talent), Jesse Barrera and Ryan Bandong (who made a little musical cameo duo).

What made the night so special for the fans who attended was their chance to get to see their favorite singers perform live, dance on the same dance floor as them, and most importantly, they exprienced AJ's genuine desire to give back to the community in more ways than one.

Many of the songs, including "Emma Watson" and "We Could Happen," were made available on streaming music discovery sites Pandora and Spotify.

"We Could Happen" was licensed by DMA for sensory marketing in mainstream retailers including Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister.

People will come up to me at shows and tell me that a song touched them in a completely different way than I wrote it. It’s never like, “Here’s this song that I perfectly made for radio, it's a perfect pop song and you’re gonna sing it.” For me and him, it was very collaborative, very hands on. I knew them before they were even an official group.

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(video coverage by Jenn Untalan, Samanta Delara, Landon Pascua, and Nino Llanera of Bakit Why)A fairytale took place on Friday 22nd, 2012 at the Royal Vista Country Club. But most importantly, it was a gathering of friends, family members, and supporters for a non-profit organization created by AJ Rafael, called Music Speaks.

Thanks to AJ Rafael, Jenny Valles PR, and The Music Speaks Committee (RB de Guzman, Dustin Nakatani, and Kristine Dabao), a few hundred of AJ's fans were able to re-live a beautiful prom night. "Music Speaks aims to utilize the gift of music and dance in order to encourage those born without Autism to speak out for those are spreading awareness, improving the lives and families that it affects, and with great hope, uncovering the mystery behind its cause.


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