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Bleacher Report reported in November that Rodgers hasn’t spoken to his family since the end of 2014 when he started dating actress Olivia Munn.The article also said that Rodgers had even gone as far as to send back Christmas gifts his family had sent him that year.On the premiere of the show this season, Farrar posted the following caption on Instagram, tagging Rodgers in the pic: According to Jo Jo Fletcher, Rodgers' ex talked about him not being trustworthy and some possible cheating.

WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Hasn't Talked to Brother Jordan and Family in Two Years, Skipped Grandfather's Funeral “One on the news is enough for us,” Ed said of his sons’ separate fame.

For more details on Aaron Rodgers, his relationship with Munn and spoilers about his brother Jordan, click through our gallery of his best photos.

, Jordan Rodgers is confronted by star Jo Jo Fletcher over some unflattering rumors.

Thus far, Aaron has not publicly commented on his brother's being part of .

However, Aaron has been lucky in love himself, dating actress Olivia Munn.


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