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The laser-probe ages are lower than the minimum ages measured on the populations of grains by the step-heating method.

Laser-probe analysis of hand-picked single grains gives ages in agreement with those of overlying and underlying lava flows previously dated by the conventional K-Ar method.

Because pumice flows of the Monts-Dore massif crop out over large areas, these new ages will be useful for establishing a precise stratigraphy of the European Plio-Quaternary.

Géodynamique, Faculté de Sciences de Nice, 06034 Nice cedex, France), AB(Laboratoire et U. With the Ar step-heating method, we were able to detect contamination of Quaternary K-feldspars by Hercynian K-feldspars as low as 0.25ℵ.

Si vous voulez un article plus à jour vous pouvez lire mon article ici qui date de fin juillet 2016 avec les toutes dernières procédures.

J’avais rendez-vous à l’ambassade de Paris ce matin, à 8h30.

Date: Monday, May 1st, 2017 Time: -pm Daniela Scur (Oxford University) Topic: All in the family?

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Location: 1063 Vari Hall (Seminar room) Organizer: Tasso Adamopoulos, [email protected]: Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 Time: -pm Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado (Mc Gill University) Topic: Capital-Labor Substitution, Structural Change and the Labor Income Share Location: 1063 Vari Hall (Seminar room) Organizer: Tasso Adamopoulos, [email protected]: Monday, February 13, 2017 Time: -pm Timea Laura Molnar (UBC) Topic: How Do Mothers Manage?“You lay them on the bed, like it’s your girlfriend, and go to sleep,” he said.That had helped a little, but then he moved to California, where the gun laws were stricter, and he’d left them behind. In the early hours one morning last September, Lu Lobello rose from his bed, switched on a light, and stared into the video camera on his computer. The light cast a yellow pall on Lobello’s unshaven face. Lobello couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop thinking about his time in Iraq. Other times, Lobello would see a Mercedes—a blue or white one, especially—and he’d recall the bullet-riddled sedan in the Baghdad intersection, the dead man alongside it in the street, the elderly woman crying in broken English, “We are the peace people! ” He’d remember that the barrel of his machine gun was hot to the touch. Right: Lu Lobello, a former marine in the company that opened fire on the family.And so, at two-thirty that morning, eight years after he had sprayed bullets into cars filled with Iraqi civilians, Lobello turned on his video recorder.“It’s very hard for me to say this, Nora, but we met on April 8, 2003,’’ Lobello said.


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