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If the rock is indeed millions of years old, then like blood’s heme pigments, oil’s organic, carbon-rich molecules should have completely degraded long ago—especially considering the voracious nature of oil-eating bacteria.

Three geologists have reported what they called the first "successful" direct dating of dinosaur bone.

Dear friends at Ai G, I am writing you with a problem I recently encountered while debating an evolutionist regarding strata dating. Snelling’s article on your site entitled “Geologic Conflict.” In the article Dr.

That rock layer is x millions of years old because of the fossils in it.

As Prothero explains so clearly, that is not how index fossils work.

But in standard studies, no age assignment is ever accepted unless it conforms to the "millions of years" doctrine of evolutionary earth history.

pointed out one of the big problems with this dating approach by saying that the past "methods are far from perfect: it is difficult to gain accurate depositional ages for sedimentary rocks, and matters can be further complicated when millions of years of geologic and environmental forces cause erosion of fossil-bearing strata." They highlighted its "success" by contrasting it with the lack of success of prior dating techniques.


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