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By Cathryn Conroy It is the ultimate in good manners to express your gratitude in writing, so knowing how to write a thank you note is an essential life skill.Every gift deserves a thank you note--even gifts you don't like or won't use. If you live in the same home as the gift-giver, you don't have to write a formal note.Thank you for respecting that I need to be alone sometimes.Thank you for holding me in my weakest moments, yet never underestimating my strong will.Know your loved one is craving something scrumptious?Pick up or make them a treat and pair it with a special note!Too often, people know they should write a thank you note, but they put it off because they either think it will take too much time or they don't know what to say--or both.

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I have already filled it with daisies from my garden and placed it in the middle of the dining room table.

Thank you for treating me like a woman with value and making me feel like I was one of a kind.

Thank you for taking a risk by approaching me and not giving up even though my guard seemed too strong to crack.

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Many people underestimate the power of the hand-written thank you note.


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