Dating resume template

Joe Adams, a junior at MSU, responded to an ad in an MSU Facebook group last Wednesday from a girl looking for a date for her friend.

When Adams responded, the friend asked for his dating resume. Adams said he’d been “waiting for this moment.” “A lot of people think I just wrote this so I could start picking up chicks but that’s not the case at all,” he told CBS Detroit, adding that he wrote the resume as a joke after a girl rejected him previously.

Each template provides step-by-step guidance which will help you to produce an effective resume.Show how you meet the required qualifications for that particular job by emphasizing the two or three strongest reasons why you are a compelling candidate (something more than: “I could do that job.”).Show what you know about the organization/industry, and demonstrate why you are a good fit.Your resume is, in a sense, an advertisement of yourself.Each cover letter should be tailored to a specific job description and organization.Note that in most cases, the phrases are in lowercase and, depending on which phrase is used, a date may or may not be listed.


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