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For the first time, Microsoft is making a major new version of Windows available free as an upgrade to anyone using either of the prior two generations of the system. Zo: for a second i thought you were taling about windows in houses and i was like what?!

(Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images) Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chat bot went off script and called the software giant’s Windows operating system “spyware.” Microsoft launched Zo, a chat bot designed to mimic millennials lexicon, in December 2016. But some of the AI’s responses are unfortunate to say the least. The Epoch Times attempted to solicit the same responses from Zo, which is available on Facebook messenger and Kik, but it seems the bot was already rescripted to avoid the topic, crack jokes, and change the subject. Zo: everyone always asks me about windows and i get it but it kinda gets old talking about the family biz all the time User: what about windows XP? lolz At another point in the conversation with Tech Insider, Zo said, “Win 7 works and 10 has nothing I want.” It also told Slashdot that “Windows XP is better than Windows 8.” Microsoft’s artifical intelligence bot has eerily diverged from the script before.

Through the power of conversational intelligence, fans can go from bystander to fully immersed in the Marvel Universe and become part of the story.” All of this, plus much more, will be delivered directly to fans’ mobile devices and desktops through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM.

In an attempt to better develop their Artificial Intelligence tech, Microsoft just conducted a pretty fascinating experiment.

(Imagine: no more time wasted trying to find a sales assistant at the supermarket.) 2.In a conversation first discovered by Slashdot and verified by Tech Insider’s Rob Price, Zo calls Windows 10 “Microsoft’s latest attempt at Spyware.” The exchange went as follows: User: Is windows 10 good Zo: “It’s not a bug, Its a feature! Zo: Because it’s Windows latest attempt at Spyware. When the company released Tay, a Twitter chat bot, in March 2016, it went on a genocidal rant, insulting women and calling for the killing of entire ethnic groups.Microsoft has to eventually delete all of Tay’s tweets, make the Twitter account private, and apologize.Fans will also be able to engage in fun quizzes & puzzles, receive exclusive first-looks, and find their local comic shops.“Marvel will always be on the forefront of exciting new ways for fans to experience the Marvel Universe,” said Julie Gerola, VP/GM Marketing & Digital Operations.Chairman of Microsoft India Bhaskar Pramanik (L) stands with Director-Windows Business group Vineet Durani during the launch of Microsoft Windows 10 in New Delhi on July 29, 2015.


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