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Black beaches aren’t particularly something seen everyday; however, when touring around Iceland’s south shore there are a few spots near the village of Vik to see the dramatic landscapes.

It lacks Hamarinn, Herdubreid, Kistufell, The Northern Atlantic Volcanoes, Upptyppingar and Vatnafjöll. Below I have assigned a risk value for a particular volcano to erupt ranging from 1 to 5.

It hides itself in silence: covered by the ice cap called Hofsjökull, Iceland’s frozen heart has been asleep for many millennia.

Carl in the Mammoth guide writes The Hofsjökull – Kerlingarfjöll volcanic system comprises two evolved central volcanoes.

Two of these are powered pretty much directly from the hotspot mantle plume under Iceland.

The current location of the hotspot is believed to be close to Bardarbunga.


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